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21 Day Vegan/Gluten Free on a Budget

As part of my 21 Day Vegan/Gluten Free on a budget, I created a 21 day meal plan for my fabulous family.  One of the recipes I chose was Food Babe’s Parfait Porridge.  I just made it.  I have to wait overnight.  Not sure if I’ll make it….

I will be posting my full 21 day plan, with recipes, very soon!

Perfect Parfait


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The Day Before the Juice Cleanse…


A quick shot of our dinner on the eve before we begin our 6 day juice cleanse.  Gluten-free, vegan blueberry protein pancakes.  (The boys are having chocolate chip, of course 😉 )

We have also, over the last few days, been adding juices to our diet a couple of times a day.  I already find that I am craving them! We used to juice daily with our little Waring Pro juicer (who has since found a new home).  When we decided to start bringing juicing back, we picked up a new toy (insert Breville Beauty here, which by the way is on for $159 at our local London Drugs.  Yay!)

I will be blogging about our juice cleanse, and then about the 21 Day Raw Food Reset I will be embarking on.  There are many reasons for my decision to do this reset that I will expand upon while I am going through it.

Please stick around to be my accountability!  I will most definitely need some encouragement!!

Off to eat some vegan, gluten-free, blueberry pancakes!  (sounds so much less appealing when I write it out like that…lol)

What’s on your dinner plate tonight?