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21 Day Vegan/Gluten Free on a Budget

As part of my 21 Day Vegan/Gluten Free on a budget, I created a 21 day meal plan for my fabulous family.  One of the recipes I chose was Food Babe’s Parfait Porridge.  I just made it.  I have to wait overnight.  Not sure if I’ll make it….

I will be posting my full 21 day plan, with recipes, very soon!

Perfect Parfait


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A Journey Through a Vegan & Gluten Free Food Budget

Please, a show of hands for the people spending way more than they care to admit on their monthly grocery bills…..

Ok, good. I’m not alone!!

It is so tricky to balance the shopping list for a family of 4 while eating organic, vegan and gluten free (mostly). So, in an effort to lean out our grocery budget while staying within our (somewhat limiting) meal parameters, I have decided to cut my budget in half, keep a record of any changes and share with you my successes and failures on this journey.


Budget?  Budget!

Budget? Budget!

Step 1: Create weekly meal plans right down to snacks. I’ve done this before but always seem to stop at leftovers for lunch. The fact is, I have 2 young boys in this house who are grazers like their mom and a man who has an appetite. If it were just me, I could survive on smoothies and Vega bars but such is not the case!

To make this a wee bit more challenging (or not since my cupboards happen to be full at the moment) I have decided to make my plan based only on what I have on hand. *gasp!*

Step 2: Start baking at home again. I love baking. Love it. I am a fitness nut with a passion for all things (healthy, low sugar, vegan, gluten free) cookie! 😉 I have gotten into the habit of purchasing vegan/gluten free baked goods and while they are oh-so yummy, they are breaking the bank! $8 for a teeny weeny box of (oh-so yummy) cookies is not going to work in my new plan.

So, back to the kitchen I go to create some home made goodness. We go through baked snacks like they’re going out of style (yeah, I just said that) so I am going to make a double batch of Adam Hart’s Peanut Butter hemp cookies (sans egg), a batch of granola bars using whatever nuts, seeds and other goodies I have as well as some banana chocolate chip mini muffins. And I will share the recipes 🙂

What are your tips on eating organic and/or on a specific or restricted diet? I’d love to hear!!