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Juice Cleanse | Day 2

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Juice Cleanse Day 2.  So far so good!

I am following the Joe Cross 3 Day Weekend Juice Cleanse.  The recipes are simple and tasty (mostly…I’m still getting used to drinking my tomatoes) and I don’t feel truly hungry.  I think I am only craving food because I am used to snacking.  All. Day. Long.

My favorite juice so far is the mid day Mean Green juice.  Probably because it is similar to the very first juice we ever made when we first starting to introduce juice to our daily diets.

Why am I doing this juice cleanse?

  • I am working towards a raw (or mostly raw) diet, this is a sort of ramp up to my next challenge (21 Day Raw Food Reset)
  • I have some issues (bloat, yucky skin…) I want to clear up and after some research I have found juicing/raw foods/green smoothies to be the best solution for me
  • I also believe that a short juice cleanse is a great way to reset your body

I did an elimination diet a while back and came up with a few things that seem to trigger it: wheat/gluten, sugar, some citrus (strawberries included! 😦 ) along with a few other types of food.  I also found that while on this elim diet, I was eating mostly fruits and veggies with some grains and legumes and I felt great.  Lots of energy, I wasn’t craving my coffee like I usually would, my workouts seemed more effective, and as a side bonus, I lost the bloat weight I usually carry around!

Now that I am back to eating my rice cakes and coffee and chips (yes, chips.  Often!) I am feeling the bloat start to sneak back on and I am noticing a huge difference in my energy levels.  Now is the time for change!

I took some before pictures of myself, both of my body and of my skin, so that I can see the changes as the next month passes.  I’m too chicken to post now so I will gain some courage and post soon…ish…maybe?


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Vegan, running addicted mom of 2 (+1 fur baby) out to inspire truth and change in the people I meet!

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