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Work. Play. And everything in between – 30 blog challenge day 5

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Day 5 Question: What does your perfect day look like?

Ok, this one took me longer than anticipated to write.  I think I just put it off because it seemed like a lot of work. In fact, I am writing it a day late 😮 It seems so simple and innocent at first, until I really started to think about what my perfect day would look like!  I think the problem is is that I have so many versions of a perfect day, or perfect moments, that I didn’t know where to begin.  So naturally, I began nowhere…

Here is my solution: just sit down and write.  Don’t think, just write.

This morning I woke up around 5:30 am to a crisp, beautiful fall morning on the West Coast.  I love so much where we live here on the ocean front.  I got up out of bed, quietly so not to wake anyone else up in the house, let Sidney outside to do her own business and then headed to the kitchen to make a quick juice.

I grabbed my laptop and notebook and headed out onto the deck, overlooking the ocean.  It was chilly so I grabbed a blanket and my favorite cozy hoodie and got comfortable at the table outside with Sid by my side.  I took a sip of my juice (yum!), opened my laptop and checked my emails. It was so nice to see how many of my e books had sold!  Such a dream come true!  I caught up with my current clients and made sure they were all on track with their mind-body-spirit coaching programs, and then I read a few amazing and inspiring emails from some past clients!  I LOVE my work.  After that, I moved onto a few more emails from potential clients asking me to work with them.

After my emails are checked, answered and filed away, I sat back to enjoy the rest of my juice and take in our surroundings.  It’s early fall now, my favorite time of year, and soon it will be too cold to sit out on the deck to work!  I’m excited to take the boys apple picking later this afternoon, I hope they are too!

I finish  my juice and head inside to tidy up the kitchen and make myself a decaf almond milk latte.  After a couple of sips, I hear little feet coming down the hall.  B is up and has decided to join me in the kitchen.  Love that little guy 🙂  I make some breakfast for him and we sit together quietly for a few moments, until he decides he’s done being quiet and jumps into my lap! Pretty soon, everyone is up and eating which means it is my chance to head out for a quick run before it’s time to start our day.

I gear up, grab Sid and head out for an hour run. I get back feeling refreshed and I hop in the shower to start getting ready for our day out.  Today is my day off from work so it is a full day with my boys.  I get out of the shower, towel off and get dressed in some jeans, tank top and my warm, wool cardigan.  I grab some slip on shoes and head out to help the boys get ready.  I have a few more sips of my coffee.

Now that everyone is dressed and ready to go (with  minimal whining and complaining) we get into the car and head down to the Apple Barn to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa for some apple picking.  The boys are so excited!  We pick more than our share of apples, laugh, run around the orchard until soon the crankies come out and it’s time for us to head out for a hot chocolate.  We pay and load up our apples in the car and decide to head over to a local coffee shop for a treat for the boys.  After we are all done, we make our way over the Grandma and Grandpa’s for a BBQ with the family.  A few old friends come along as well and we have a great meal and visit.

I put the boys to bed and head out for a few drinks with an old friend.  I love catching up with my long time friends, we don’t see each other often but it’s so great when we do!  We have a little wine and little appy and chat for a couple of hours.  Such a good time!

After a fun and quiet night out, I head back to my parents, pick up my sleeping boys and head home.  Once the boys are tucked in and settled in their own beds, I snuggle in to bed with a book and read myself to sleep.

Of course, mid way through the night, I have two little boys snuggled up beside me.

This is one version of a perfect day.  Simple, easy-going, real.  I love to visit with family and old friends and I love to snuggle with my boys!  A little bit of work and a nice run in the morning is a nice way to start the day feeling accomplished and ready to go.

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One thought on “Work. Play. And everything in between – 30 blog challenge day 5

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