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Freedom. Defined. 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

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Q: What is my definition of freedom in business and life?

A: (long winded. bear with me)

Yesterday’s challenge has really got me thinking.  Thinking not only about how I want my life to look like now and moving forward, but also thinking about my life before.  As in years ago.  Eons, even, when I was younger.  Thinking about the things I did that brought me joy and how many of those things are no longer a part of my life.  Some are gone because I grew up and changed and learned.  And some are gone for reasons that are lost on me.

Let’s take singing, for example.  ILoveToSing.  Love it.  And for anyone who has known me for years, eons, decades, knows this about me.  I have always sang on my own, in the shower, out of the shower, in choirs, in other countries.  Love it.  Not the best singer, but I sing with all my heart 😉 Well, sang.  Somehow, that part of my life is gone.  Aside from the obnoxious car singing that must look like I’m talking to myself to other drivers, I don’t sing anymore.  And it makes me sad.  It actually makes me sad daily!  Why don’t I sing anymore??

Okay, I know this seems like it’s off topic, but it leads me to my answer of what my definition of freedom in my life is.  Along with being a singer, or a lover of singing, I am a caregiver/pleaser/lovernotafighter.  Sometimes to a fault.  I love to make people around me feel comfortable and happy, and sometimes that means letting go of something I love or want.  I like this about me, and I hate this about me. Getting to my point…..  Freedom in my life means feeling free to be, say, do all the things that I am.  Without worrying about what other people think.  Freedom in my life means letting go of judgements and letting go of the judgements I think are being made on me.  This is the one area of my life that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.  It makes it tricky to answer questions like the one asked yesterday.  But, as time rolls along and I continue aging growing, I am starting to get back to the basics of me.  That is my definition of freedom in my life.

As for freedom in business, I think part of that answer requires accomplishing what I talked about above.  Knowing who you are and being who you are without judgement on yourself or anyone else.  Just walkin along, singin your song.  It requires knowing who you are and what you want.  I know that I want a business that allows me to do what I want and get paid well for it.  I want to be able to sit on my deck, overlooking some type of water (preferably the ocean, either Canadian coast will do) on a crisp, sunny, fall day and help people achieve goals and be their best selves, all over the world.  I want to spent the better part of my day with my family, relaxed and not rushing, enjoying whatever it is that we choose to do.  I want to know that my work impacts a good number of people in the most positive and uplifting way and I want my boys to see what I do and be proud to be a part of it.  I want to inspire and encourage them.  I want to make a positive difference.

I am so happy to have made the choice to participate in this 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I said from the start that I had a feeling I would learn a lot about myself.  So far that is the truth.

Until tomorrow!

30 day challenge


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Vegan, running addicted mom of 2 (+1 fur baby) out to inspire truth and change in the people I meet!

One thought on “Freedom. Defined. 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

  1. I agree that this blog challenge is amazing. It really makes you think, and put those thoughts into words. I love singing too. Just keep on with your song, and don’t care what others think. If it brings you joy, just do it!

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