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Free & Easy? 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

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Wow.  Today’s question is a doozy.  It should be easy, but with all the limitations we allow into our minds and hearts, this question is tricky to answer…here it is..

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Time to let go of my limitations.  Be prepared for some crazy honest ideas!  😉

If I woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything I wanted with my life, I would sleepEat.  Travel.  Yes.  I would travel.  I would take my kids all around the world to experience amazing things and meet incredible people!  Well, that answer surprised me!

I think I would just like to be able to head off anywhere and spend time with my little family anywhere our hearts desired.  If there were no day to day limitations or duties or jobs, I don’t think I would stay put.  I’d love to be able to show my kids how people live in other parts of the world and have them experience life outside of Canada.  I think know they would learn so much!

I would want to run marathons in different countries.  And I would love to have a home base in Canada, near water, on a lot of land, with a lot of dogs, and an amazing fitness facility in my own home.  I would go to school and learn all the things I want to learn about including more fitness, nutrition, coaching, psychology, wellness, specialty cooking.  How to help people realize their dreams and their potential.

And let’s put a garden on that home base, filled with lush greens and veggies for our fresh juices and to snack on whenever we felt snacky.  My kids could sow, and reap.  Be proud of their hard work!

And I would sleep.  I would pick one day every week where I would spend the whole day in bed watching re runs of Gilmore Girls or some old favourite movies like Hope Floats and You’ve Got Mail.  All while sipping almond milk lattes from my mug the size of a cereal bowl and eating bowls full of fresh berries and warm, gluten free bread with peanut butter. I would also read the 15,000 books that are on my shelf waiting to be loved.

I would love to entertain my friends and family and their little families.  Fill them up with love and laughter and nourishing food and drink.  Lots of space to play and enjoy.

This sounds like a lovely life filled with everything I enjoy.  Family, friends, food, health, coffee…

As I write this, I slowly realize that all I really want is to wake up and just enjoy my life.  Whatever I am doing.  Be grateful for what I have and stop agonizing over my ‘first world problems’. If I could wake up free to do whatever I wanted, I would choose to live freely.  Live without guilt and worry. Live in gratitude for every little piece of my life, because in all reality, my life is great as it is.  I find I am always searching for something out there that is ‘the’ thing that will bring my life back together, when all I really need to do is look in.  Always looking out, time to start looking in.

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