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WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy? 30 Day Blog Challenge

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Deep down in my core, I am a blogger.  I have things to say!  Some important, some not so much.  But either way, I have interesting, fun and neat-o things to say.

So, in light of this recent realization I have made, I am embarking on a 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by the lovely Natalie Sisson of The Suitcase Entrepreneur.  I have a feeling I will be learning a lot about myself, my writing style and who it is I am truly trying to speak to.  Can you hear me?  Maybe I am speaking  to you? 😉

Day 1 is the whowhatwhenwherewhy day.  Well, not really, but the questions are Why did I want to start blogging? Who do I want to reach? What do I want it to be about?

In short, I wanted to start blogging because I love to talk/write/share/inspire/converse etcetera, etcetera.  As I mentioned before, I have a lot to say! 🙂 The people I want to reach are people who need a little laughter and some non perfection coming from work(aholic) from home mom of 2 awesome, busy boys trying to keep the peace love and harmony in all aspects of our lives.  As for what, well, initially I wanted the blog to be fitness and nutrition focused, and it will be for the most part.  But along with fitness and nutrition comes wellness.  And inspiration. And guidance.  And friendship.  You get the picture.  I want my blog to be a fun and inspiring place for moms, and anyone else who wants to have a read, to take a break and maybe even learn a little something.  Maybe about fitness, maybe about food or maybe even about themselves!

I have been inspired and helped and guided by many a mommy blogger and I hope to be that to other people.  I needed a little inspiration myself to get going, this is why I joined the challenge. 


Thanks to Natalie, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, for hosting this challenge!  I’m so excited to be a part of it!




Author: zenfitathletics

Vegan, running addicted mom of 2 (+1 fur baby) out to inspire truth and change in the people I meet!

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