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6 Weeks to the Half

The reality has sunk in.

This year was my year, the year I would rock the half and gain the confidence I need to get training for my first Marathon. I signed myself up for 3 half marathons and intend to run a few 10 k’s as well. While I am super stoked to get more races under my belt, I am also freaking out a little bit. My first half this year will be in Whistler. On June 7. Just 6 short weeks away.

Any guesses as to how many times I have ran? If you guessed 5, you’d be right. The total mileage I have aquired over these 5 runs? Maybe 25…in total…I’m in trouble…

SO. Now it begins. My 6 Weeks to a Half Marathon training program. I don’t have it all worked out yet but somehow I know I will make it through the fartleks, hill repeats (which are absolutely necessary for Whistler) and the long, steady runs. The lunges, the planks and the med ball drills.

Also. My diet lately? Mainly consisting of everything I know I shouldn’t be consuming. Too much coffee, not enough H20…

It ends now…well, after I eat this handful of dark chocolate rosettes 😉

Join my on my journey to 21.1k (preferably sub 2) and getting back on track with my eating!

I hope to inspire you! (And I also could really use your support!) Please feel free to comment with any yummy smoothie recipes, training tips or questions and motivating thoughts!!

Much love to you all!! 🙂


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Me and my Ego…

Me and my Ego.
As I write that I can hear the tune of ‘Me and my Shaaadow..’

Anyways…back to my Ego.

I have always struggled, for as long as I can remember, with less than stellar levels of self confidence and caring way too much about what other people think of me. I’m not sure why or where it all began, but I know that it is a pesky issue and it’s time for a change!

I just read this article over at Mind. Body. Green. (Awesome site, btw) and although it is short and sweet and slightly vague, it really resonated with me. The simplicity of it, and perhaps the superb timing, grabbed me and put my ego in it’s place.


what other people think



I often hang out in a place of fear and worry.  And although I am quite free spirited and follow my heart (often without the help of my brain!), I get caught up in the ego of worrying what other people will say about me and the choices I make.  This often ends badly.  It ends with me second guessing my follow-my-heart attitude.  And that ends up with me not finishing what I started.  And then I feel terrible.  And so begins the mad cycle.

So.  Today I declare, out loud, on the web, publicly to you all!  No more!!  NO MORE! (sorry for shouting…)  It really is none of my business what other people think of me.  Good or bad, I have zero control over the opinions of others when it comes to me.  No matter what I do or say, they will make up their own minds based on their own experiences, mind set and attitude.

I hope you will join me in an effort to be free to be ourselves.  To not let the thoughts of others hold us back from what we are truly capable of!  You can do and be anything and everything you want to do and be!

We are beautiful souls all her together to support and love and be happy.

Much love to you all! 🙂


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21 Day Vegan/Gluten Free on a Budget

As part of my 21 Day Vegan/Gluten Free on a budget, I created a 21 day meal plan for my fabulous family.  One of the recipes I chose was Food Babe’s Parfait Porridge.  I just made it.  I have to wait overnight.  Not sure if I’ll make it….

I will be posting my full 21 day plan, with recipes, very soon!

Perfect Parfait

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A Journey Through a Vegan & Gluten Free Food Budget

Please, a show of hands for the people spending way more than they care to admit on their monthly grocery bills…..

Ok, good. I’m not alone!!

It is so tricky to balance the shopping list for a family of 4 while eating organic, vegan and gluten free (mostly). So, in an effort to lean out our grocery budget while staying within our (somewhat limiting) meal parameters, I have decided to cut my budget in half, keep a record of any changes and share with you my successes and failures on this journey.


Budget?  Budget!

Budget? Budget!

Step 1: Create weekly meal plans right down to snacks. I’ve done this before but always seem to stop at leftovers for lunch. The fact is, I have 2 young boys in this house who are grazers like their mom and a man who has an appetite. If it were just me, I could survive on smoothies and Vega bars but such is not the case!

To make this a wee bit more challenging (or not since my cupboards happen to be full at the moment) I have decided to make my plan based only on what I have on hand. *gasp!*

Step 2: Start baking at home again. I love baking. Love it. I am a fitness nut with a passion for all things (healthy, low sugar, vegan, gluten free) cookie! 😉 I have gotten into the habit of purchasing vegan/gluten free baked goods and while they are oh-so yummy, they are breaking the bank! $8 for a teeny weeny box of (oh-so yummy) cookies is not going to work in my new plan.

So, back to the kitchen I go to create some home made goodness. We go through baked snacks like they’re going out of style (yeah, I just said that) so I am going to make a double batch of Adam Hart’s Peanut Butter hemp cookies (sans egg), a batch of granola bars using whatever nuts, seeds and other goodies I have as well as some banana chocolate chip mini muffins. And I will share the recipes 🙂

What are your tips on eating organic and/or on a specific or restricted diet? I’d love to hear!!

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Determining a Business Model on Day 11 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

Here we are on Day 11 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Today we are looking at what our business model will be and whether we will be creating active and/or residual income.

Today is really where the 1 Page Business Plan comes in handy 😉

My goal with this blog and the online part of my business is to work with women, with a focus on moms (cause that’s who I know 😉 ) and help them get back into their own life, their own skin, their own hearts through fitness, holistic nutrition and empowerment coaching.  Mind. Body. Spirit. As women, as mother’s, we tend to get lost in our lives filled with taking care of everyone and get into the habit of putting ourselves on the back burner.  We think ‘well, for right now I will focus on everyone else and when I have more time, then I will focus on me.’

What we tend to forget is that when we have time, there ends up being more work than if we had just taken time for ourselves all along.  Then we end up giving up.  Throwing our hands in the air and then continuing on in the life we created, not the life we truly want for ourselves.  Along with this, we also forget that by taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves first, we are better at everything!  Better moms.  Better wives.  Better friends.  Everything.

So, with that said, I plan to focus on selling myself.  I will offer myself, my knowledge, my experience and my love personally, one and one and in groups. I will also offer e books, pod casts, and self led courses to create residual income from my own products.

In order to really get the most out of this, I will also be selling for others, creating more residual income while also helping other business grow.  This will allow me to not worry about the day-to-day and to really focus 110% on my clients and their personal journeys. I will use affiliate trust marketing to help create multiple revenue streams that don’t take too much time away from what I truly want to achieve.

Right now, I am working on a lot of projects.  Some individual, some partnered, all awesome.  They all have one common thread and that is helping people grow and change and live the life they want so bad to be living.  Mind. Body. Spirit.

One of these projects is a fitness studio, a brick and mortar business.  (eek!) With this business, I plan to get to a point where it runs well on its own and I can coach and train individuals, allowing me to give my clients everything they need, and most importantly, my undivided attention.

I am so SO excited about the direction my life is going.  While it may not seem to be the life I want right now, I know that I am at least on the right path.  It will be interesting to read these posts after 1 year has gone by…


30 day challenge

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Playing Catch up-30 Day Blog Challenge Days 9 & 10


I think I may have missed a few posts….

Well, let’s not dwell on the past!  Let’s keep moving forward!  For your delight and entertainment (I hope!), here are days 9 and 10 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

Day 9 | Act 2 

Now that we have done a bit of the ground work, now it’s time for the nitty gritty work.  For Day 9’s post, Natalie asked us whose online business we admire the most and why?

This is honestly a tough question for me to answer!  I don’t have just one, there are so many wonderful, inspiring women with incredibly successful online businesses who I adore and look to when I need some guidance on my own journey.

The first one I would have to say is Sandy Krakowski from A Real Change.com.  I love her story, I love her vibe, I love her faith and her ability to share it openly and without fear of judgement.  She knows who she is, what she wants to do with her business and who she wants to help.  While also offering incredible ecouragement ans support, she also offers some great knowledge filled courses to help people learn to do their own copy, create their own websites and build thier own following or community. Her company is also run debt free which I think is a major accomplishment!

I have also been recently introduced to Crystal Andrus of SWAT, CrystalAndrus.com as well as her online magazine SimplyWoman.com.  I have done her 7 day podcast course as well as downloaded her 21 Day Sustain Success course.  In the future, I plan to take her SWAT program to become a Personal Empowerment Coach.  This will be one of the keys to creating the life I want to live.  Crystal has created an amazing, inspiring and comfortable community online that I am so happy to be a part of!

Another gal that I have been following is Kristin Sweeting Morelli.  She is also incredibly inspirational and motivating, along with  being incredibly matter of fact.  Which is probably my favorite thing about her.  I have just started following her within the last month or so and I have already learned so much.  She is bright, well spoken and has a lot of really important (to me, anyway 😉 ) things to say.

There are of course so many other online businesses that speak to me including Nicole Graves, Young and Raw and so many more!

I’m so excited to be going through this process (even if I got a bit behind…).  It’s so fulfilling to be able to start to see your dream and vision get more clear and start working for you!

Day 10 | Act 2

The One Page Business Plan.  Thank you, Natalie, for this awesome tool!!  I have written a few traditional business plans and have dreaded and cried my way through each one.  Haha!  So, when Natalie shared her One Page Business Plan,  I nearly jumped for joy 🙂 Once I have it perfected, I will share it with you!

Day 10 of this 30 day challenge is all about making money online.  Not only making money online, but making money online while still staying true to yourself, your business and your goals.

The top 3 shared by Natalie were:

  1. Selling your own online products
  2. Selling someone elses products
  3. Advertising someone elses’ products (aka-affiliate marketing.  Or Trust marketing 😉 )

After creating a rough draft of my one page business plan and having a good look at my mission, vision and values, I decided that I would us all 3 tools to generate a residual income for my business.  #1 and #3 are the ones that I will likely use the most, with #2 being something i use when I really believe in a product someone else is selling.

I have a few products in the works right now that I will be launching in the near future (once I get past the fear!).  Some are my own and some are products I have partnered on with other people.  I’m pretty excited to be going through this process!  I watch other women (and men) do this online and think ‘Man, they have it all goin’ on!  I wish I was like that.’ I know realize that all of the people were just like me at one point.  Not sure what to do next, trying to align their goals and values this a lucrative business that can not only make them money, but also help as many people in a big way as possible.

So, I know it can be done.  People do it everyday.  People just like me, with fears, big dreams and even bigger hearts.

Time to go and work on my products!!

30 day challenge